Free Rlcraft Server Hosting Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know!

Hello Dev, welcome to our comprehensive guide on free Rlcraft server hosting for Minecraft. Minecraft is an immensely popular game, and hosting your own server can be an exciting experience. However, finding a reliable and free hosting provider can be quite challenging. In this article, we will guide you on finding the best free Rlcraft server hosting options available, and answer some frequently asked questions along the way.

What is Rlcraft?

Rlcraft is a modpack for Minecraft that adds a variety of new features and challenges to the game. It includes a range of mods that make the game more realistic and difficult, such as thirst, diseases, and dragons. Rlcraft has become increasingly popular among Minecraft players in recent years, and many players are interested in hosting their own servers to play with friends or create their own communities.

What Are the Requirements for Hosting an Rlcraft Server?

Hosting an Rlcraft server requires a computer with decent specs and a stable internet connection. Here are some of the minimum requirements:

Minimum Requirements
Recommended Requirements
Intel Core i3 Processor
Intel Core i5 Processor
20 GB HDD Storage
40 GB HDD Storage or SSD
1 Mbps Upload and Download Speed
10 Mbps Upload and Download Speed

These are just the minimum requirements for hosting an Rlcraft server. If you want to ensure smooth gameplay and avoid lags or crashes, it’s recommended to opt for higher specs.

What Are the Best Free Rlcraft Server Hosting Options Available?

While there are many paid hosting providers available, finding a free Rlcraft server hosting option can be quite tricky. Here are some of the best free hosting providers available:

1. Aternos

Aternos is a popular free hosting provider that supports various Minecraft modpacks, including Rlcraft. It offers unlimited player slots, automatic backups, and easy server customization options. However, the server can be quite slow, and you may experience some lag or crashes during gameplay.

2. is another free hosting provider that supports Rlcraft. It offers instant server setup, unlimited player slots, and automatic backups. However, the free plan comes with limited storage and RAM, which can affect server performance.

3. Minehut

Minehut is a popular hosting provider that offers a free plan for Minecraft servers. It supports various modpacks, including Rlcraft, and offers unlimited player slots, automatic backups, and easy server customization options. However, the free plan has limited RAM and storage, which can affect gameplay if you have too many players.

How to Set Up an Rlcraft Server Using Aternos?

Setting up an Rlcraft server using Aternos is relatively easy:

Step 1: Create an Aternos Account

Go to the Aternos website and create a free account. Once you’ve created your account, click on “Create a Server” and select Minecraft Rlcraft from the list of modpacks.

Step 2: Configure Your Server

After selecting the Rlcraft modpack, you will be prompted to configure your server. Here, you can choose your server name, upload your own world, select your server version, and set other server settings as per your preferences.

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Step 3: Start Your Server

After configuring your server settings, click on “Start” to start your Rlcraft server. You can then invite your friends to join your server by sharing the server address.


1. Is it Safe to Use Free Rlcraft Server Hosting?

While free Rlcraft server hosting can be a tempting option, it’s important to ensure that you choose a reliable provider that offers good performance and security features. Make sure to read reviews and check the provider’s reputation before making a decision.

2. Can I Customize My Rlcraft Server?

Yes, most hosting providers offer easy customization options that allow you to customize your server settings, such as server name, world seed, server version, and more.

3. Can I Play Rlcraft Solo?

Yes, Rlcraft can be played solo as well. However, it’s recommended to play with other players to fully experience the modpack’s features and challenges.

4. Can I Use Mods with Rlcraft?

Yes, you can use other mods with Rlcraft. However, make sure to check if the mod is compatible with Rlcraft before adding it to your server.

5. How Many Players Can Join an Rlcraft Server?

The number of players that can join an Rlcraft server depends on your hosting provider’s plan and your server’s specs. Most hosting providers offer unlimited player slots, but make sure to check the provider’s policy before making a decision.

We hope this guide has helped you understand everything you need to know about free Rlcraft server hosting for Minecraft. Hosting your own server can be a fun and exciting experience, and with the right provider, you can enjoy smooth gameplay with your friends and community. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Happy gaming!