Discovering the Ins and Outs of GoDaddy Host Name Server

Greetings Dev! Whether you’re planning to create a new website or want to transfer your current one to a different hosting provider, deciding on your domain name and hosting service can be a crucial step. GoDaddy is one of the most popular hosting providers in the market, and its Host Name Server (HNS) system can impact your website performance significantly. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about GoDaddy’s HNS and how it can affect your website’s functionality and success.

What is GoDaddy Host Name Server?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of the HNS system, let’s define it first. GoDaddy Host Name Server is a network of servers that are responsible for directing website traffic to your website’s domain. In simpler terms, it’s a bridge that connects your website to the internet, allowing users to access it online. Without HNS, your website won’t be visible to anyone on the internet, rendering it useless.

How Does GoDaddy HNS Work?

The HNS system is straightforward. When you sign up for a GoDaddy hosting plan, you’ll receive a unique IP address and two NS (name server) addresses. The NS addresses are essential because they tell the internet where to find your domain name on the web. You’ll have to point your domain name to the two NS addresses provided by GoDaddy to connect your website to the internet.

Here’s how it works in technical terms:

Step 1
You enter your domain name into your web browser (e.g.,
Step 2
Your computer sends a request to the nearest DNS (domain name system) server to translate your domain name into an IP address.
Step 3
The DNS server checks its records for your domain name and sends the IP address back to your computer.
Step 4
Your computer connects to the IP address and requests the web page from the server hosting the website.
Step 5
The web server delivers the web page to your computer, and you can view the content in your browser.

Why is GoDaddy HNS Important?

GoDaddy HNS is crucial because it ensures that your website stays live 24/7, and users can access it from anywhere in the world. Without a reliable HNS system, your website may experience significant downtime, affecting your search engine rankings, user experience, and revenue. What’s more, a low-quality HNS can slow down your website’s loading time, which can also impact your website’s overall performance and success.

How to Set Up GoDaddy HNS?

Setting up GoDaddy HNS is a simple process that almost anyone can do, even if you’re not tech-savvy. Here’s how:

Step 1: Access Your GoDaddy Account

Log in to your GoDaddy account and navigate to your dashboard.

Step 2: Access the DNS Settings

Find the domain you want to configure and click on the “DNS” button next to it. This will take you to the DNS management page.

Step 3: Add the NS Records

This is where you’ll add the two NS addresses provided by GoDaddy. Enter them into the fields and save the changes.

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Step 4: Wait for the Changes to Take Effect

It may take up to 48 hours for the changes to take effect, so be patient. Once they do, your website will be live on the internet, and users can start accessing it.

FAQ About GoDaddy Host Name Server

What is DNS, and how does it relate to HNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System and is responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses. HNS is a type of DNS provided by GoDaddy that directs website traffic to your domain name.

Can I use my own name servers with GoDaddy?

Yes, you can. However, you’ll have to configure your domain name and hosting settings accordingly.

What happens if my NS addresses aren’t configured correctly?

If your NS addresses aren’t configured correctly, your website won’t be visible on the internet. Users won’t be able to access it, and search engines won’t crawl it, affecting your website’s overall success.

Is GoDaddy HNS reliable?

Yes, GoDaddy HNS is reliable and offers excellent performance and uptime. However, like any hosting provider, it may experience occasional downtime, which can affect your website’s functionality.

Can I use GoDaddy’s HNS with other hosting providers?

No, GoDaddy HNS is only compatible with GoDaddy hosting plans. If you want to use a different hosting provider, you’ll have to use their HNS or configure your DNS settings accordingly.


GoDaddy HNS is an essential component of your website’s success. It’s responsible for directing website traffic to your domain name, allowing users to access it online. In this article, we’ve discussed everything you need to know about GoDaddy HNS, from how it works to how to set it up. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your website stays live 24/7 and provides an optimal user experience, leading to more traffic, better search engine rankings, and increased revenue.