Hosting a Minecraft Server with Hamachi

Greetings, Dev! Are you looking to host a Minecraft server with Hamachi? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up and hosting a Minecraft server with Hamachi. Get ready to dive into the wonderful world of Minecraft!

What is Hamachi?

Before we start, let’s understand what Hamachi is. Hamachi is a virtual private network (VPN) service that allows you to connect multiple devices over the internet. It is a great tool for gamers who want to play multiplayer games on a private network. Hamachi creates a local area network (LAN) over the internet, allowing you to connect with your friends and play games together.

How does Hamachi work?

Hamachi creates a virtual LAN using the internet. It allows you to connect your computer to other computers over the internet, as if they were on the same LAN. When you install and configure Hamachi, your computer is given a unique IP address that is used to connect to other computers in the network. It’s like having a LAN party, but without the need to be physically present.

Is Hamachi free?

Hamachi has both a free and a paid version. The free version allows you to connect up to five devices on a network. The paid version has more features and supports up to 32 devices. For the purpose of hosting a Minecraft server, the free version should be sufficient.

Setting up your Minecraft Server

Step 1: Download Minecraft Server

To host a Minecraft server with Hamachi, you need to have the Minecraft server software installed on your computer. You can download the Minecraft server software from the official Minecraft website. Choose the version of Minecraft that you want to use and download the server software.

Step 2: Create a Folder for your Minecraft Server

After downloading the Minecraft server software, create a folder on your computer where you want to store the server files. Name the folder something like “Minecraft Server” or “Server Files”.

Step 3: Move the Minecraft Server files to the Folder

Once you have created the folder, move the Minecraft server files that you downloaded in step 1 to this folder. You should have a .jar file and some other files in this folder.

Step 4: Configure the Minecraft Server Settings

Open the file in a text editor like Notepad. This file contains all the settings for your Minecraft server. You can configure things like the game type, the maximum number of players, and the server name. Make any changes that you want to make and save the file.

Step 5: Start the Minecraft Server

Open the Minecraft server .jar file by double-clicking it. This will start the server. It may take a few seconds to start up. Once the server is running, you will see a message in the console that says “Done”.

Setting up Hamachi

Step 1: Download and Install Hamachi

Download the Hamachi software from the official website and install it on your computer. Once you have installed it, open it up.

Step 2: Create a Network

Click on the “Network” menu and select “Create a new network”. Give your network a name and a password. You can leave the password field blank if you want to.

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Step 3: Join the Network

Have your friends join the network by clicking on the “Network” menu and selecting “Join an existing network”. They will need to enter the network name and password that you created in Step 2.

Step 4: Connect to the Minecraft Server

Open Minecraft and click on “Multiplayer”. Click on “Add Server” and enter the IP address of your Hamachi network. The IP address will start with “5.” followed by a series of numbers. Click “Done”.

Step 5: Start Playing!

Your friends can now connect to your Minecraft server and start playing with you. Congratulations, you have successfully hosted a Minecraft server with Hamachi!


What is the maximum number of players that can join my server?

The maximum number of players that can join your server depends on the version of Minecraft that you are using and the specifications of your computer. Generally, the more players you have, the more resources your server will need.

Is Hamachi safe to use?

Hamachi is safe to use as long as you follow some basic security measures. Make sure that you use strong passwords and don’t share your network name or password with anyone you don’t trust. Also, make sure that you have a good antivirus program installed on your computer.

Can I use Hamachi for other games?

Yes, Hamachi can be used for other games as well. It is a great tool for hosting LAN parties and playing games with your friends over the internet.

Can I use Hamachi on a Mac?

Yes, Hamachi is available for Macs as well as PCs. You can download the Mac version from the official Hamachi website.

Do I need to pay for Hamachi?

Hamachi has both a free and a paid version. The free version supports up to five devices on a network, while the paid version supports up to 32 devices. For the purpose of hosting a Minecraft server, the free version should be sufficient.

Virtual Private Network. A network that is created over the internet, allowing users to connect to each other as if they were on the same local area network.
Local Area Network. A network of computers that are in the same physical location, like an office or a school.
The command prompt that you use to start and manage your Minecraft server.