The Ultimate Guide to Scum Host Own Server for Dev

Welcome, Dev, to our comprehensive guide on scum host own server. In today’s digital age, hosting your own server has become more accessible, and with it comes the need for knowledge on how to maintain, secure and optimize it for maximum efficiency. This guide aims to provide you with all the information you need to know about scum hosting your own server. Let’s dive in!

What is Scum Host Own Server?

Scum Host Own Server is the act of hosting a server for the game Scum on your own hardware rather than renting a server from a hosting provider or using the in-game server browser.

Hosting your own server gives you full control over the server and allows for customizations that may not be possible with a rented server or using the in-game browser.

Advantages of Scum Host Own Server

There are several advantages of hosting your own Scum server, including:

Full Control
You have full control over the server and can customize it to your liking.
Hosting your own server can be more cost-effective in the long run as you do not have to pay recurring rental fees.
Server Performance
You can optimize your server to your specific hardware, leading to improved server performance.

Disadvantages of Scum Host Own Server

While there are many advantages to hosting your own Scum server, there are also some disadvantages to keep in mind:

Technical Knowledge
You require a certain level of technical knowledge and experience to set up and maintain the server.
Upfront Costs
Setting up your own server requires an upfront investment in hardware and software.
Security Risks
Hosting your own server can pose security risks if not properly secured and maintained.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Before you jump into setting up your own Scum server, you need to make sure your hardware and software meet the following requirements:

Hardware Requirements:

You need a dedicated machine to host your Scum server. The hardware requirements depend on the number of players you plan to support and the level of performance you desire. Here are the recommended hardware requirements:

Storage (GB)
Up to 10
Up to 20
Up to 30

Software Requirements:

You need to ensure that your server meets the following software requirements:

  • Windows Server 2012 or later
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 or later
  • Scum Dedicated Server software (available on Steam)

Setting Up Your Scum Server

Now that you have the hardware and software requirements covered, it’s time to set up your Scum server. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Scum Dedicated Server software

The Scum Dedicated Server software is available on Steam. Download and install it on your server machine.

Step 2: Configure Your Server Settings

Open the Scum Dedicated Server software and configure your server settings, including server name, password, game mode, and more. Save your settings and start the server.

Step 3: Port Forwarding

You need to port forward your server so that players can connect to it. Consult your router’s documentation on how to port forward. You need to forward ports 7777, 7778, and 27015.

Step 4: Invite Players

Now that your server is up and running, invite players by sharing the server name and password with them. Players can connect to your server via the in-game browser by searching for your server name.

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Securing Your Scum Server

Securing your Scum server is crucial for ensuring the safety and privacy of your players. Here are some tips:

Tip 1: Keep Your Server Software up to date

Regularly update your server software to ensure you have the latest security patches and bug fixes.

Tip 2: Use Strong Passwords

Use strong passwords for your server and user accounts. Avoid using common passwords such as “password” or “admin”.

Tip 3: Use a Firewall

Use a firewall to block unauthorized access to your server. Only allow traffic that is necessary for your server to function.

Tip 4: Regularly Back Up Your Server Data

Regularly back up your server data to prevent loss in case of hardware failure or data corruption.

Optimizing Your Scum Server

Optimizing your Scum server can lead to improved server performance and a better gaming experience for your players. Here are some tips:

Tip 1: Adjust Server Settings

Experiment with different server settings to find the sweet spot between performance and gameplay. Adjust settings such as player count, loot frequency, and building decay.

Tip 2: Use Custom Mods

Use custom mods to enhance the gameplay experience for your players. Mods can add new features, items, and mechanics to the game.

Tip 3: Use a Performance Monitoring Tool

Use a performance monitoring tool to track your server’s resource usage and identify areas for improvement.

Tip 4: Regularly Clean up Your Server

Clean up your server regularly by removing unused player bases, structures, and items. This can help reduce server lag and improve performance.


Q: Is it legal to host your own Scum server?

A: Yes, it is legal to host your own Scum server as long as you own a legal copy of the game.

Q: How many players can a Scum server support?

A: The number of players a Scum server can support depends on the hardware and software configuration. Refer to the Hardware Requirements section for recommended hardware specifications.

Q: How do I connect to a Scum server hosted by someone else?

A: You can connect to a Scum server hosted by someone else using the in-game browser. Search for the server name or IP address and enter the password if required.

Q: How do I update my Scum server software?

A: The Scum Dedicated Server software will automatically update if you have enabled automatic updates in Steam. Otherwise, you need to manually update the software by downloading the latest version from Steam.

Q: Can I run a Scum server on Linux or Mac?

A: No, the Scum Dedicated Server software is only available for Windows.


Hosting your own Scum server can be a rewarding experience, but requires some technical knowledge and investment in hardware and software. Make sure to secure and optimize your server for the best possible gaming experience for your players. We hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need to get started on hosting your own Scum server. Good luck!