The Forest: How to Host a Server

Hello Dev, are you a fan of The Forest? Do you want to play with your friends, but don’t know where to start? In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of hosting your own server for The Forest. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to play with your friends on your own server.

Step 1: Choose Your Hosting Provider

The first thing you need to do is choose a hosting provider. There are many providers to choose from, but we recommend using a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are more expensive than shared servers, but they provide better performance and stability. Some popular hosting providers for The Forest include:

Hosting Provider
16GB RAM, 2x500GB SSD, 15TB Bandwidth
A2 Hosting
32GB RAM, 2x480GB SSD, 20TB Bandwidth
InMotion Hosting
32GB RAM, 2x1TB SSD, 15TB Bandwidth

When choosing a hosting provider, make sure to consider factors such as price, server location, and customer support.


The price of hosting varies greatly depending on the provider and the resources you need. Dedicated servers are generally more expensive than shared servers, but they provide better performance and stability.

Server Location

The location of your server can affect the performance of your game. Choose a provider that has servers located near you or your players.

Customer Support

Make sure to choose a provider that offers good customer support. You’ll want to be able to get help quickly if you run into any issues.

Step 2: Install SteamCMD

Once you’ve chosen a hosting provider, the next step is to install SteamCMD. SteamCMD is a command line tool that allows you to install and update games on your server.

How to Install SteamCMD

To install SteamCMD, follow these steps:

  1. Download SteamCMD from the official website.
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to your server.
  3. Open a command prompt and navigate to the SteamCMD directory.
  4. Run the following command: ./ +login anonymous +force_install_dir /path/to/the/forest/server +app_update 242760 validate +exit

Once SteamCMD has finished installing The Forest, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Configure Your Server

Before you start your server, you’ll need to configure it. There are many settings you can adjust, such as the number of players, the difficulty, and the game mode.

How to Configure Your Server

To configure your server, follow these steps:

  1. Open the file server.cfg in the TheForestDedicatedServer_Data/Managed directory.
  2. Adjust the settings to your liking. You can find a list of settings in the official documentation.
  3. Save the file and exit.

Once you’ve configured your server, you’re ready to start it up.

Step 4: Start Your Server

Now that your server is configured, it’s time to start it up. To start your server, follow these steps:

  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to the TheForestDedicatedServer_Data/Managed directory.
  2. Run the following command: ./

Your server should now be running. You can join your server by entering the IP address and port number in the game’s multiplayer menu.

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Can I Host a Server on My Own Computer?

Yes, you can host a server on your own computer. However, keep in mind that hosting a server can use a lot of resources, so make sure your computer can handle it.

How Many Players Can Join My Server?

The number of players that can join your server depends on the resources of your hosting provider. Most providers offer plans that support up to 100 players.

Can I Customize My Server?

Yes, you can customize your server by adjusting the settings in the server.cfg file. You can find a list of settings in the official documentation.

How Do I Update My Server?

To update your server, follow the same steps you used to install it. Use SteamCMD to update the game files, and then configure your server and start it up.

How Can I Administer My Server?

To administer your server, you can use the console commands in the game. You can find a list of commands in the official documentation.

That’s it for our guide on how to host a server for The Forest. We hope you found this article helpful, and happy gaming!