Cheap MCPE Server Hosting for Dev

Welcome, Dev! If you’re looking for affordable MCPE server hosting, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll dive into what MCPE server hosting is, why it’s important, and how you can find the best cheap options available.

What is MCPE Server Hosting?

MCPE server hosting is the process of renting a server to host your Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) game. It allows you to play with friends, family, or random players from around the world. MCPE server hosting enables you to customize your gameplay experience while also providing more flexibility in terms of when and where you can play.

There are several benefits to using MCPE server hosting. For instance, you don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining hardware or software on your own. The hosting company takes care of all that so you can focus on playing the game.

Why is MCPE Server Hosting Important?

MCPE server hosting is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it enables you to play Minecraft with other people in real-time. This means you can collaborate on builds, explore together, and enjoy a more social gameplay experience.

Moreover, MCPE server hosting allows you to customize your gameplay experience by installing plugins, mods, and other add-ons. You can create your own rules, set your own difficulty levels, and tweak the game to make it more fun and challenging for yourself and your friends.

How to Find Cheap MCPE Server Hosting

If you’re looking for cheap MCPE server hosting, there are several options available to you. Here are some tips to help you find the best deals:

Research Multiple Hosting Companies

Before making a decision, it’s important to research multiple hosting companies to compare pricing, features, and customer reviews. Some popular MCPE server hosting companies include Aternos, Hostinger, and Apex Minecraft Hosting.

Look for Discounts and Promo Codes

Many hosting companies offer discounts and promo codes to attract new customers. Look for these deals on the company’s website or on third-party coupon sites.

Consider Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a good option if you’re on a tight budget. It means that multiple users share the same server, which lowers the cost for each user. However, this also means that you will have limited resources at your disposal.

Choose the Right Server Location

The location of the server can have a significant impact on the speed and reliability of your game. Choose a server location that is closest to your physical location to minimize lag and ensure a smooth gameplay experience.

Check for Hidden Fees

Some hosting companies may advertise a low price upfront, but then charge hidden fees for additional features or services. Make sure to read the fine print and check for any extra costs before signing up.

Top Cheap MCPE Server Hosting Providers

Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a look at some of the best cheap MCPE server hosting providers:

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Price (per month)
Unlimited players, automatic backups, custom plugins, web dashboard
Unlimited players, easy-to-use control panel, free subdomain
24/7 customer support, 1-click modpack installer, DDoS protection
Unlimited players, automatic backups, free subdomain, multi-server management
Apex Minecraft Hosting
Unlimited players, instant setup, free subdomain, DDoS protection


What is the average cost of MCPE server hosting?

The average cost of MCPE server hosting ranges from free to around $20 per month. The cost depends on the number of players, amount of server resources, and additional features or plugins that you want to include.

Do I need technical experience to set up a MCPE server?

No, many hosting companies offer easy-to-use control panels that make the setup process simple and straightforward. However, if you want to install custom plugins or mods, you may need some technical knowledge.

What happens if my server goes down?

If your server goes down, most hosting companies offer automatic backups and restore options. Some companies also provide 24/7 customer support to help you resolve any issues that arise.

Can I switch hosts if I’m not satisfied with the service?

Yes, most hosting companies offer flexible plans with no contract or commitment. This means you can switch hosts at any time if you’re not satisfied with the service.

Do I need to pay for Minecraft to use MCPE server hosting?

Yes, you need to purchase Minecraft from the official Minecraft website to use MCPE server hosting. However, some hosting companies offer free Minecraft trials or provide discounts for new users.

Final Thoughts

MCPE server hosting is a great way to enjoy Minecraft with friends and family. It provides you with more flexibility, customization options, and social interaction. By following the tips and recommendations in this article, you can find a cheap MCPE server hosting provider that meets your needs and budget.