MCPE Server Hosting with Plugins

Welcome Dev! If you are looking for an engaging and thrilling Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) experience, then setting up your own server with plugins is the way to go. Hosting your server has never been easier with the availability of different hosting services that provide the user with great customization options. With this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to start a new server, and how to add plugins to it.

What is MCPE Server Hosting?

MCPE server hosting is the process of creating a server that enables you to play Minecraft Pocket Edition with other players online. You can create your server and host various games, such as survival mode, creative, or even minigames. The possibilities are endless when creating your server, depending on your preferences.

What are the Benefits of MCPE Server Hosting?

There are many advantages to hosting your server. Firstly, you can customize your gameplay and rules to fit your preferences. You can also add several plugins to enhance your gaming experience. Hosting your server is also cost-effective compared to renting servers from hosting providers. Plus, you have the freedom to decide who can join your game.

How to Set Up Your Own MCPE Server?

There are different ways to host an MCPE server. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a server:

Download and install an MCPE server software on your device. This software will enable you to host your server from your device.
Choose a server configuration that fits your preferences. You can choose from either survival, creative, or minigames.
Customize your server settings to fit your preferences. You can choose from different options such as difficulty, player limit, and more.
Create a unique name for your server and set a password if needed.
Invite your friends to join the game by sharing the server IP address.
Enjoy playing with your friends on your MCPE server!

What are MCPE Server Plugins?

Plugins are add-ons that you can install on your MCPE server to enhance your gameplay experience. These plugins can change the game mechanics, add new items, and even introduce new features to the game. There are so many plugins available in the market, but before installing any of them, you should check if it is compatible with your MCPE server software.

What are the Best MCPE Server Plugins?

The best MCPE server plugins are the ones that suit your preferences. Below are a few plugins that are popular among MCPE players:

EssentialsX is a plugin that adds essential commands and features to your MCPE server. These features include the ability to set up player kits, teleportation commands, and more.
WorldEdit is a plugin that enables you to edit the world in-game. You can use this plugin to add, remove, or modify parts of your game’s environment.
MobArena is a plugin that allows you to fight waves of monsters. You can customize the arena’s settings, such as the monsters’ difficulty and the number of rounds you would like to play.
EconomyAPI is a plugin that adds an economy system to your MCPE server. You can use this plugin to create in-game shops, pay players for certain tasks, and more.
mcMMO is a plugin that adds RPG elements to your MCPE server. This plugin enables you to level up skills such as mining, fishing, and more. You can also create custom skills for your server.
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How to Install MCPE Server Plugins?

Below are the steps to follow when installing plugins on your MCPE server:

Download the plugin you want to install. Ensure that the plugin is compatible with your MCPE server software version.
Access your MCPE server file directory and navigate to the “plugins” folder.
Move the downloaded plugin file into the “plugins” folder.
Restart your MCPE server to load the newly installed plugin.
Configure the plugin to your preferences through the plugin settings available on your MCPE server software.


What is MCPE?

MCPE stands for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It is a version of Minecraft that is designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

What are the System Requirements to Host a MCPE Server?

The minimum system requirements to host an MCPE server are:

  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 Processor
  • Windows 7 or higher, macOS or Linux operating system

Can I Host an MCPE Server for Free?

Yes, you can host an MCPE server for free using hosting services that offer free plans. However, these free plans may limit the number of players that can join your server and also the server features available.

Do I Need to Know How to Code to Install MCPE Server Plugins?

No, you don’t need to know how to code to install MCPE server plugins. The MCPE community has made it easy to install plugins by providing easy-to-follow tutorials and documentation.

How Many Plugins Can I Install on My MCPE Server?

You can install as many plugins as your MCPE server can handle. However, it is recommended to install only the necessary plugins to avoid server lag and crashes.

Can I Remove a Plugin from My MCPE Server?

Yes, you can remove a plugin from your MCPE server by deleting the plugin file from the “plugins” folder and restarting your server.


So, there you have it, Dev! You now have all the information you need to host your MCPE server and add plugins to it. Hosting your server is a fun and cost-effective way to play Minecraft with your friends or even host a public server for a wider audience. Don’t forget to explore the different plugins available that can transform your gameplay experience. Have fun!