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Comparison of Different Web Hosting Services


Web hosting service is highly inevitable for business people, as it helps to establish an online presence of their business website. Since there are different types of hosting services, it is vital for you to choose the absolutely suitable hosting service for your website. To choose the right web host, you must be aware about the characteristics of different types of web hosting and your requirements in terms of your business website. So, here we have furnished the features of different types web hosting services with an intention to help you make the right choice.

Free Hosting

This type of hosting is suitable only for personal sites and not suitable for business sites. Even though this hosting is free, there are a lot of limitations in their services. Here, the users have to allow the provider to put some advertisements or links on the website which has to be hosted free. This is the revenue for their free hosting services. Moreover, there are also possibilities to host your site on an old server. So the free hosting will destroy the professional aspects of your website, as you may often face downtime issues. Apart from these, free web hosting offers only limited bandwidth and web space, and guarantees no technical support. So free web hosting is not desirable for business people.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is an economical and reliable method to host your website and appeared to be far better than shared hosting services. Since, shared hosting is a paid hosting service, the hosting service provider takes their own interest to offer reliable hosting facilities to their customers. In shared hosting, multiple sites are hosted on one server which in turn is connected to the Internet. It also provides separate web space for each website to differentiate it from other sites on the same server. Shared hosting is the widely used hosting service as it is suitable to majority of website users, who require quality web hosting services. This type of hosting is applicable to all types of small to large business sites, blogs, gallery sites, personal websites etc.

Dedicated Hosting

In Dedicated Server Hosting, one server is wholly used to provide the requirements of one client. Here, along with basic access for system administration, the client gets full control over the server. The main advantage and attraction of dedicated hosting is its high speed access with reduced downtime. Since, one whole server is used to meet the requirements of one client, it is slightly expensive. This expense is reasonable, when compared the vast benefits, that can be gained from dedicated hosting. If you wants a lot of space and other server resources for your website, dedicated hosting is the ideal choice for you. Normally, large organizations, which require lots of system applications can afford and manage dedicated hosting services.

Reseller Hosting

In a reseller hosting, the user can utilize the resources of a parent web hosting company and sells the same as their own. Those clients who want to be web hosts, can do so by utilizing the reseller web hosting scheme. Thus, you can utilize the provided hard drive space and bandwidth for hosting sites as well as blogs on behalf of others. As per this hosting facility, you can be a client as well as a web host, simultaneously. Since, the hosting plan allows the original buyer to sell the facility to a third party, reseller hosting is a profitable business. Even though the third parties can’t enjoy all the facilities available to the original buyer, some users prefer to buy this, as it is cheaper than shared hosting. As the charge is affordable, nowadays, almost all web hosting companies have reseller hosting packages.

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VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting, a server is divided into different virtual servers, where every website is being hosted on its own server. Each of such virtual servers has the same visual aspect and characteristics of a dedicated server. It can also be run on its own operating system and independently rebooted. But in reality, the hosting server has to share the facility with few other users. In this type of hosting, users have their own virtual space as well as a safer hosting environment. VPS hosting is suitable for websites which need more control at the server level, but at the same time, not willing to spend more on a dedicated server. VPS servers are the great choice for people who desire a hosting service having more innovated features for a cost lesser than a fully dedicated server.


Without the support of hosting services, you cannot enjoy the maximum benefits through the Online presence of your business website. The very first thing you have to do is to understand the various requirements with respect to the day to day developments of your business. Then, understand the features of different hosting services available with your hosting service provider and compare them with respect to their qualities and prices. From them, choose the most affordable one which is highly suitable for your business.