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Cybex Hosting, the reliable IT company is in an effort to offer their web hosting services at affordable cost. They mainly focus to provide top-quality, feature rich product at an incredible price. The hosting service provider is now offering global standard dedicated server hosting at a possibly lower cost. Cybex Hosting is an expert in rendering reliable and fast servers, in addition to everything you required to operate on the Internet. Whether you are using server for web development, reselling, gaming, photos, email, or all of the above and more, Cybex Hosting has now secured the capacity to deliver you an impressive experience.

Hosting Services from Cybex Hosting

Cybex Hosting has three major Web Hosting packages, and include Dedicated Server, VPS and Shared Hosting services. The company is capable to offer you a reliable best deal on dedicated servers. Dedicated server hosting is highly reliable to business which target speedy developments. If you choose a dedicated server, you don’t have to be anxious about other business websites running on that server. Hence, dedicated hosting services avoids server crashes to a great extend and offers your site the power to ensure reliable service with ample magnitude of traffic. At the same time, the hosting service also offers, video streaming and high quality images to support your efforts. Cybex Hosting can also offer facilities to customize your dedicated server. The process has been eased by providing options to choose Hard Drive, RAM, Operating System, Control Panel, managed firewall, FTP Backup Space etc.

With VPS hosting servers from Cybex Hosting, you can even install custom software. This cannot be done on shared hosting, and featured with the usage a lot of resources. VPS hosting, also enables you to alter the hardware and the software of the hosting system. So, you can install custom operating systems like, cPanel + WHM, and different games. During the period of its usage, you can understand that the cost of these custom installations are very low and you can enjoy the benefits of getting more control over your installations.

Shared Web Hosting from Cybex Hosting is the most economical way of hosting a website. Here, the expenditures per machine are covered by more users. Other shared hosting features of Cybex Hosting are one free domain, Solid State Drives (SSD), Unlimited e-mail accounts, Unlimited domains hosting, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited disk space, Unlimited MySQL 5 databases, etc.

Specialties of Services from Cybex Hosting

Uptime Guarantee: Cybex Hosting provides customers with a well performing, reliable server, and offers 99.99% network uptime guarantee. All its servers are provided with fully surplus network connectivity and have plenty of power to meet the needs of customers. All connections offered by Cybex Hosting are fast and reliable.

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Premium Grade Servers: The servers of Cybex Hosting are built with quality components that can hold up demanding data center environments. Unlike other dedicated server providers, Cybex Hosting can deliver you a new server which has not been utilized by another customer.

24/7 Customer Support: Cybex Hosting provides responsive and experienced 24/7 hours customer support by means of e-mail and ticketing system. Customer support from Cybex Hosting has been consistently very helpful, quick and courteous. If you require any kind of support, their well experienced technicians are ever ready to help you.

Cybex hosting has now risen up as the ideal service provider in the hosting business arena, which can offer considerably good network uptime guarantee at affordable price. The company is always trying their best to deliver their service at competitive prices all the time. This is the reason why Cybex Hosting has vast number of customers across the globe. So, if you already run a web designing business or require more web space or wish to launch your first website, Cybex Hosting can help you with their dedicated and affordable hosting services.